Thursday, 1 October 2015

Is This The Best Window Cleaning Video Ever?

Pat Maher is James Bond. Is this the best window cleaning video ever?
Pat Maher of "Belles Vitres" in Quebec, Canada has produced what is probably the best window cleaning video around today. Pat being a street artist, utilises many of his props' to make the video possible. Featuring his dog driving a car, doing the 'moonwalk', pedalling a mini-bike, window cleaning in a knights coat of armour, a themed 007 - James Bond, an out-take from 'psycho' & cleaning many different styles of glass to show the versatility of the Wagtail brand.

Featuring the Wagtail, the fastest window cleaning squeegees in the World, Pat swears by them. Pat is a regular contributor on the facebook Wagtail Squeegee Network. As this video gets shared, I'm sure Wagtail, will be seen by more window cleaners that are losing out on not owning one! If you haven't tried them yet, take a peek at the Wagtail full range of tools, some of the squeegees utilised by Pat in his videos. To see the video in HD - go here.


Willie Erken said...

the quality and humour in this video was outstanding

Kai Chinn said...

That's just freakin fun, good job Pat!!!

Splash said...

A great video production pat i'm kinda jealous but super happy you did this ;)

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