Monday, 12 October 2015

Black Diamond Squeegee Rubber

*Since posting this review I will no longer be using Black Diamond squeegee rubber. I had a bad batch sent & afterwards a batch that didn't perform as well as the original samples that were sent. Although the manufacturers sent me a replacement pack, the rubber was not as good as the original & no follow up has been made to determine what was the cause of rubber being so bad.

Black Diamond squeegee rubber.
Black Diamond Squeegee Rubber: I have to admit, I wasn't expecting too much from this rubber. Having tried various samples of rubber the last couple of years... I've been extremely disappointed with the quality & duration. I thought the main idea was to improve upon or better an existing product! Alas, having another bunch of samples sent seemed to be (in my mind) time wasting on the job or having it 'die' on me within a couple of hours when I'm furthest from the van!

I'm on my last trial piece from Scott Denning who kindly sent me 3x 18" hard rubber lengths to try (as Spain is a hotter climate). I have been pleasantly surprised at what an outstanding rubber this is. It feels & looks at first like a Pulex rubber, but with what seems to be a sharper edge for a longer duration. It also has a slip that out performs most others in it's class.

On average it has double the life of a Pulex or Ettore squeegee rubber & doesn't seem to give up the ghost near the end either. You can still feel it trying to give the best performance even when most of the others have definitely called it a day.

If you haven't tried it, it's worth a go. I'm sufficiently impressed to be ordering more. You can get some by contacting:

Scott Denning in the UK here.
John Winters in Germany & Central Europe here or here.
United States here.

Gummifabrikken is a supplier of a unique variety of rubber made products. Originally founded in Scandinavia by Casper Schjorring (pictured) in 2001, the name Gummifabrikken (meaning “rubber factory” in Danish) was chosen to brand the company. In 2009 they opened the first American headquarters in Florida and between then and now have expanded opening production in China as well. All three locations supply a wide range of manufacturers and distributors worldwide with a vast variety of rubber made products. Since the beginning in 2002 they have based production on being an original equipment manufacture also making G-Dive latex seals. Gummifabrikken specialize in both dipping and pressure molding with both natural rubber, compounds and oil based products.

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