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Sponsored Window Cleaning Magazine T.V.

Lee Burbidge, behind the camera.
WCM TV to hit State side again in 2014: The Window Cleaning Magazine is excited to inform that its production side WCM TV plans a trip to the US in the early part of April 2014 to film the much rumored new window cleaning show based on the life of Peter Artusa, New York. No confirmation of the title is available at this time. Sponsorship for filming has been secured by WCR and Unger and the filming schedule will coincide with Unger’s big birthday milestone. So we have planned an ‘Inside Unger’ shoot at the same time.

Lee Burbidge of WCM goes on to say, ” I am really excited by this project. We have other projects lined up too in the UK such as a job swap with a National Window Cleaning company and a smaller or ‘one man band’ business and other films such as ‘I’m a traditional window cleaner and I am going to stay that way’. I am aiming to bring the very best quality programing geared 100% for the window cleaning community.”

Q & A with Lee Burbidge

So when will WCM become WCM Video Mag? Will videos be your main focus for the future?
Good quality films for window cleaners is part of the whole WCM package. It has not been done before. We are doing ground breaking stuff on real topics that effect window cleaners. The hope is to link video into our articles too. With the Window Cleaning Magazine being in a digital format this is easy to facilitate. 

When are you going to do a window cleaning video on your own company – Highshine?
Funny you should say that. We have been talking to a guy from New York who was interested in joining us in the UK on such a project. We are still waiting for availability from him. 

Have videos always been your passion or was it born out of delivering content to window cleaners?
It was defo the second thing that came along when I started the magazine. It has grown to something massive. How many guys can say that Unger and WCR want to pay for you to film some stuff in their country. They are very generous and I am most thankful for their continued support. I guess they can see the value in WCM TV and appreciate what it stands for. 

Currently..  I am working on Working With "Wagga," aka
Chris Dawber.
Based on the success of your “Window Wars” videos – where to next?
Well we plan a Window Wars UK. Originally we were going to just do that gig in Scotland. Recently, we were thinking to extend this to the rest of the UK and maybe film in a few areas for that program. We have had OCS ( big National Window Cleaners) recently agree to a new project in the New Year where we film a smaller window cleaning business or 'one man band' working with OCS for a day and visa versa. That will be fun. 
We are currently in the selection process for the smaller window cleaner. So if you want to get involved in that project give me a shout. Then there is lots of other stuff in the pipeline such as, "I'm a traditional window cleaner and I am going to stay that way". We will film a window cleaner wanting and seeing the benefits of a wfp system and a window cleaner that will not budge to wfp. We get them to work for a day with a wfp and film their reactions and comments as a fly on the wall documentary. Currently now I am working on Working With Wagga and Perry Tait's UK Reach-iT Tour. 

Can you actually envision a whole magazine done by video?
No. But the two do go hand in hand. 

What’s your take on the new “Mole & Jersey” show?
Josh Cronin is a good friend of mine. I have never met Mr Mole ( hopefully soon), they are as cutting edge as me. Trying stuff out and being the first. Stuff like this just isn't there. They are the pioneers of our time. 

I noticed you just bought a new camera – is a studio in the works as well?
lol, not sure I need a studio. My office doubles up for that at the moment. But when I am in the States filming next year I am taking over the WCR film studio for sure. 

When your on the road filming – what’s one (or two) things you can’t do without?
OK, that's easy. Pants and electrical points, lol. 

Do you ever take a window cleaning tool on the road with you?
No. But in Window Wars USA, Peter Artusa got me doing some store fronts. It was real funny. He has had this one account for years and had hardly seen the manager and when he had seen the manager, the guy has never spoken to him (maybe a 'Hi') Well he sees my camera at first, then comes out just as I put the camera down to work on the glass. He heard my English accent and that was it, he could not stop talking to me. I even got free drinks. Peter was blown away, lol.

How do you finance your window cleaning video jaunts?
Up until now I finance the whole gig. I think sponsors are seeing WCM TV as a great asset plus what it gives to the window cleaning community.

Funniest moment in filming so far?
Jeez, there are so many of them. That's why we have made Out Takes. Think we are up to Volume 2 with Volume 3 to be released sometime next year. If I had to pick? Me surprising Perry Tait from Reach-iT to a TRX class as part of the current project I am working on connected to WCM TV following Reach-iT on its UK tour recently. 
TRX was born out of the Navy Seals and is a tough urban fitness class. To see a confident Perry wilt in front of your eyes was too funny to watch! People could hear me laughing out loud as I edited that bit together the other day.

Most cherished moment in filming so far?
I cherish every single frame that holds the souls of the people I have filmed who have since become my good friends. This would include and not by way an exhausted list of great human beings such as Peter Artusa, Stuart Webster, Chris Lambrinides, Perry Tait, Chris Dawber, Alex Lambrindes, Jorge A. and Kenny, Jeff Temperley with David and Tom and many others.... 

Where will WCM be in 5 years?
I see WCM as a leader in the industry and at the very heart beat of the industry. Manufacturers already come to WCM first with their latest innovations and industry news. I might add that some of the people I have mentioned in the previous question are manufactures or suppliers and we have become friends. They know my believe for the magazine to be on neutral ground within the industry and I know they respect that. WCM supports the entire industry. 

If you were on Mars or somehow missed the first two episodes... here they are:

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