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Freezing Temperatures Bring Ice & Christmas Lights

Sapphire Window Cleaning does have a plan to keep their water from turning into a block of ice.
Tulsa window cleaners not looking forward to freezing temperatures (TULSA, Oklahoma) — Folks that work outside aren't looking forward to the frigid temperatures. David Vieira owns Sapphire Window Cleaning. He tells his crews to bundle up, but that only goes so far. Vieira says, "There's no real good way to keep your hands dry when you're working with water like that." The guys at Sapphire have a work-around. Vieira says, "You just use a lot of gloves and throw them up on the dash to dry between jobs." Sapphire Window Cleaning does have a plan to keep their water from turning into a block of ice. Crews use an alcohol-based cleaner which keeps it from freezing.

John Riley in Toronto work up this morning to find a frozen pail with his window cleaning tools.
John Riley of Rileys' Window Cleaning was quite surprised to find his bucket with wand & squeegee frozen up this morning when he left his pail out over night. Rileys' continue to serve all the neighbourhoods of Toronto, including Leaside, Forest Hill, Rosedale, North York, the Beach and others, are expanding in to Markham, Unionville and the surrounding areas.

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Christmas lights on the Bankers & Traders Insurance Brokers Inc. building in Glenora.
Hire a pro to string seasonal lights - Lots of time to get ready for guests: Of course you should have started in August. But back then you didn't know that your newly single sister-inlaw and her children would be coming for a multi-day visit this Christmas, or that your mother would break her hip and be unable to stand, let alone host a house full of guests. So you're up. But your house needs some quick adjustments to make it welcoming.

It's easy to produce an appealing aura around your home at this time of year: install dazzling outdoor Christmas lights to define your roof's lines and peaks. They'll warm the bleak winter sky with glowing colours that cheer you and your neighbours.

But the combination of bitter cold of Canada's winters, slippery ladders and today's taller homes can make setting up seasonal lights fraught with risk. That's why many people are turning to professionals. "Most of the people who hire us are either seniors that no longer can hang their own Christmas lights, or it's people who, for the most part, are scared to be on the roof, and aren't willing to invest in a safety harness and a thousand dollars worth of ladders," says Chris Jorgenson of family-owned Canada Yard Pro.

While it started out in lawn maintenance and snow removal, Canada Yard Pro has found business climb steadily for its Christmas-light installation services in Edmonton, Calgary and beyond. A typical installation will have light strings that follow the architectural lines of your house. The charge to put lights in place is determined by the linear foot. Removal of lights at the end of the season is an additional charge. You can rent the lights, saving you maintenance costs and storage space, or you can purchase them.

The full package for a two-storey home is typically about $500. But some installations can cost thousands of dollars, especially when you have lights wrapped around your outdoor "Christmas tree." "There are two ways of doing a Christmas tree," says Kris Schindel of Heights Residential, founded as a window-cleaning business by a group of Edmonton musicians and actors about 20 years ago, and in the past five years expanded to install Christmas lights, too.

One way to do a tree, says Schindel, "is when you're able to reach it from the ground with poles." That normally applies to trees less than 20 feet (six metres) tall, and will cost $200 to $300, including the light rental. The other way is to use a man-lift, and that's when the price starts to spiral upwards: expect to spend about $1,000 for the installation, and another $1,000 to buy the lights.

Some homeowners don't stop at simple light installations, but go all out, synchronizing their light displays to music broadcast by a localized FM frequency. You'll have to shop around for the special equipment to drive it all. CLG Displays specializes in complex installations, mainly for corporate and government clients. It also provides animated video simulations of its proposed installations so the customer knows exactly what to expect.

Regardless of scale , you should ensure the company you choose to install it has liability insurance and covers employees with workers' compensation insurance. Without it, Jorgenson says, "people are really heading for a possible issue if anything happens on their property."

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