Friday, 1 November 2013

Jesse Green The Cartoon Guy - Touch Up A Spot

“Off the Deep End” - A weekly window cleaning cartoon strip by Jesse Green.
Jesse Green The Cartoon Guy- Touch Up A Spot: I titled my window cleaning series, “Off the Deep End” because much of the humor I see in the gentle art of window cleaning comes from from rants to my wife after I come home from a job. You know, the typical stuff: everything from the guy who won't get out of your way when you're cleaning store front windows to the weird nude sculpture obstructing a residential window. Is it ever okay to lift a sculpture by the boob in order to move it away from the window you are trying to clean?

These, and other, weighty topics, I will be exploring in my comic strip which is clearly, off the deep end.

This cartoon strip is a poke at our beloved window cleaning customers. Like all good patrons, they pay your bills but also occasionally drive you nuts.

Laughing at your customers is only mean spirited if you assume that your behavior never warrants a good laughing at. For instance, I am 100 % positive that my mechanic has had many a good laugh (with his mates at the pub) over some of the ridiculous questions I have asked him. Like when he tells me my transmission is trashed and I ask, “can't you just bang it with a wrench?”

After he bangs me in the head with a wrench, he kindly explains that he is a real mechanic and my old jalopy needs as much attention as my tender cranium.

In this spirit of compassionate laughter, I offer this window cleaning cartoon strip which explores the question: “Do you mind hopping up there and touching up that window?”

This question, by the way, is usually asked after I have put away all my window cleaning gear, including strapping my ladders to my van, pouring out my bucket and stowing my squeegees in their bins. And of course, the window the customer wants me to “hop up to” is the least accessible of the bunch!

Here are 3 possible responses to my hopping ability:
Jesse Green of Sparkle King in Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Hi, my name is Jesse Green. I have the fortunate job of cleaning windows and gutters in a really great place - Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I fell in love with the area when I came to see my friends get married here. The history, the natural beauty, and most of all the people won me over. I have been very fortunate. Cape Codders have welcomed me with open arms – spreading the word and referring me to friends and family.

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