Friday, 8 November 2013

Jesse Green The Cartoon Guy - Fortune Teller

“Off the Deep End” - A weekly window cleaning cartoon strip by Jesse Green.
Jesse Green The Cartoon Guy - Fortune Teller: This week's comic strip was inspired by the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts. You know, where the pilgrims landed and started this grand experiment we call the United States.

One of the funny things about Plymouth, apart from the ridiculous disappointment of the tiny “Plymouth Rock”, is that it has quite a few little shops with signs for “Psychic Readings”, “Palm Readings” “Tarot Cards” and so forth. This, coming from a place that would burn you alive and chuck you over a cliff for said shenanigans, back in the old days when whistling a tune and dancing were illegal.

Thankfully no one even gave me a dirty look while I was whistling and cleaning windows in downtown Plymouth last week near these Pagan Parlors of Palmistry and Perfunctory Psychic Prognostication.

And while I was twirling my squeegee, I got to thinking about what it would be like to have my future revealed. Assuming I even believed in their ability to see into the future (and my unpredictable, meandering trajectory, to boot) the question arose, “would I even want to know it?”

It would be nice to know that when “shuffling off this mortal coil”, it would be an act of great heroism. For example, diving in front of a bus to rescue a child who would turn out to be the next Gandhi. But what if I died on the crapper clipping my fingernails? How is that going to inspire me to get out of bed each day?

And even if the psychic in question could see my future, would they give me the straight dope, or something that sounded prettier so they could get their $29.95 without having to hear the whiny complaints of a window cleaner.

I don't know, maybe I'm missing out. Maybe it's not all about me. Maybe I could clean their windows in exchange for knowledge about potential clients. “So, Madam Blavatsky who's got the cash and a kid who's getting married..... yes, I know that people get married in a church or synagogue, but they will want clean windows for the reception at their house – I need names and addresses !”
Jesse Green of Sparkle King in Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Hi, my name is Jesse Green. I have the fortunate job of cleaning windows and gutters in a really great place - Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I fell in love with the area when I came to see my friends get married here. The history, the natural beauty, and most of all the people won me over. I have been very fortunate. Cape Codders have welcomed me with open arms – spreading the word and referring me to friends and family.

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