Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Scaffold Malfunctions In New York & Philadelphia

The FDNY said the two workers are window washers and their scaffold experienced a mechanical malfunction. The scaffolding is on the 17th floor and was tilting down. Rescue workers lowered down ropes and the two workers were secured.
First Responders Rescue Window Washers From Stuck Rig in Lower Manhattan: Two window washers who were stuck inside a scaffold dangling 15 stories above Lower Manhattan were rescued Tuesday morning by firefighters including one who rappelled down to them.

There were no indications of any injuries. The workers were wearing harnesses and additional gear was lowered to them by firefighters responding to the scene. The scaffold was hanging about 15 stories above the ground for approximately 20 minutes when the workers were brought in through a window at 33 Maiden Lane and Nassau Street. 

Broken glass fell from 1818 Market Street around lunchtime on Monday after a snapped wire broke windows in the building.

Snapped cable shatters glass in Center City high rise, closes Market Street sidewalk: Two blocks of sidewalk along Market Street were closed to foot traffic around noon on Monday after a cable on a window washer's scaffold broke and shattered windows in a Center City high rise building.

Glass fell to the ground in Center City Philadelphia after a cable broke on a high-rise scaffolding. It happened around 11 a.m. Monday at the Beneficial Bank building at 19th and Market streets. Officials tell us a gust of wind caught a power cord locking device and flung it into a 12th floor window. The glass shattered, sending most of the debris into an unoccupied office area. But a chunk of that glass did fall onto the roadway below.

Firefighters and police quickly converged on the scene and closed off that stretch of Market Street until the locking device was secured and the shattered glass was removed from the roadway. Of course, this is not the first time we've reported on debris falling from buildings in Philadelphia. Back in 2014, a 25 foot column came crashing down from the side of a parking garage at 19th and JFK Boulevard. And in 2009, debris tumbled from a building at 16th and Chestnut. No one was injured in either case, and fortunately the same can be said regarding Monday's incident.

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