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British Window Cleaners Reveal Their Weirdest Sightings

‘I saw a couple watching porn dressed as Grease characters’: The weirdest things window cleaners have witnessed on the job
British window cleaners reveal their weirdest sightings: Only a lucky few of us have never been caught doing something embarrassing in front of a window cleaner. Whether you're dancing in your pants or singing into a hairbrush while gazing adoringly at yourself in a mirror, it's hard not to cringe when you realise you've been spotted. If you think about it, window cleaners have a brilliant job. They get to see a snapshot of our lives, and most of us can be pretty weird.

A questionnaire by asked more than 500 window cleaners to reveal the funniest and most bizarre things they've witnessed. So what exactly do they do when they spot someone in an uncompromising position? Well, 81 per cent of those questioned admitted they just carried on and pretended they hadn't seen anything weird. Ah, the good old British way of turning a blind eye.

A man cleaning the windows of a house in Cardiff was outside the bedroom window while a couple inside were watching an X-rated movie dressed as characters from the movie Grease. Whatever floats your boat!

One window cleaner looked through the windows of a conservatory to find the family's pet Labrador in labour and giving birth to her litter. As no one was at home, he had to call them, advising them to make a speedy return home.

Another, from Leicestershire, peeked into a living room and saw around 20 Christmas trees all set up - each fully decorated with tinsel, baubles and fair lights.

While cleaning a kitchen window in Yorkshire, one participant was shocked to see that the kitchen worktops and floor were covered in what he estimated to be around 200 unopened cereal boxes. Cereal's great and everything, but 200 boxes! Perhaps they were preparing for a zombie apocalypse?!

These were the most common sights seen by our nation's window cleaners

· Someone asleep in bed – (58%)
· Someone naked – (46%)
· Someone crying/distressed – (31%)
· Someone exercising/working out – (28%)
· Couples arguing – (24%)
· A couple having sex – (21%)
· Someone dancing/singing – (19%)
· Someone sat on the toilet – (16%)
· Someone showering/in the bath – (9%)

One user came across a very unsightly scene, admitting: “I caught a dude taking a dump in a sock.”
If we've learned one thing from this, it's to close our curtains! Nudity, sex and drug use: The most shocking things seen by window cleaners. They seem to turn up when you least expect it and these window cleaner have certainly witnessed some sights. It’s considered rude to stare into someone’s home but window cleaners are often left with no choice as they spend their day with their faces pressed up against windows.

And some cleaners have stumbled upon some truly shocking sights. In a hilarious thread on Reddit, window cleaners have revealed the most bizarre things they’ve ever witnessed. One user came across a very unsightly scene, admitting: “I caught a dude taking a dump in a sock.”

Another admitted that he had cleaned windows in high school and found himself washing the inside of the most popular girl in school’s house. But when he got to her room, he was shocked by what he saw. He wrote: “When I got to her room it was a freaking mess. I couldn't see the floor because it was covered with clothes and fast food bags.  “The weirdest part was seeing her underwear piled up on the window sill. I just used my tools to brush it all off. I don't know what the hell it was doing up there.”

Another user said he used to paint houses and revealed: “Things I have seen: Old lady naked (it was terrible), teenage sex, drug use, little teenage girls doing weird s*** in their room (singing in the mirror, talking to pictures of famous celebrities, stupid dance moves).”

One user said: “I cleaned windows for 6 months or so, mostly big houses. "One day I was cleaning the windows of the patio door and a girl (25 years or so) suddenly went into the adjacent kitchen fully naked and wet (guess she just took a shower). "She saw me, shrieked in terror and ran away at full speed.”

One user claimed whilst they’d never worked as a window cleaner, they’d been caught out by one. They wrote: “My window cleaner saw me naked. Window was open. He pushed it closed, I got a fright, farted and ran into the bathroom. “Hid in there absolutely mortified, of course the bathroom was the next window he cleaned. Obviously. Urgh. Still makes me feel nauseous when I think about it.”

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