Friday, 27 May 2016

Call Out For Window Cleaning Equipment Suppliers

Call Out For Window Cleaning Equipment Suppliers - Act Now!
Window Cleaning Page Trade Show 2016 - September 2016 will see the return of the Window Cleaning Page Trade show, this time at a new venue in Northampton. Fed up with visiting advertised window cleaning trade shows & only 5% of the stalls have anything to do with window cleaning? This is the show for you! Mark (Munro) it in your calendar - 10th September! 

The show, which has been held in Dorset for several years, aims to bring together window cleaners and window cleaning companies from across the UK, with many of the sectors biggest names, including Unger, Ionic Systems, GrippaTank and Spin-a-Clean already signed up to attend. And event organiser Mark Munro is hopeful that this year’s show will be the best yet. He said: “Last year’s show was the biggest so far, but 2016 is already shaping up to be bigger with four months left to generate further trade.”

See some videos of the previous show here.

The new venue, Billing Aquadrome, sees the show move from its former home in Dorset to Northampton, but Mark feels that this decision was crucial to the continued growth of the event. He explained: “I had to move the show to the Midlands as I believed that we had outgrown Dorset, and that a more central local will hopefully appeal to more attendees. “We needed a venue more suited to a much larger audience, yet still keeping the family-oriented appeal and we feel that Billing Aquadrome is that place.”

Mark added that he hopes the show will continue to boast the family-friendly atmosphere, and believes that the Aquadrome, which includes a funfair and marina on the Nene River, is the best place to maintain this.

“This year’s show will not only be for the window cleaners but also for the whole family. There will be family entertainment and the show is located within a huge family park, so there’s plenty for the family to do while you play with the grown up toys at the tradeshow area,” he said.

Time is the essence, to get in on the pre-show advertising & to save your space, suppliers are urged to contact Mark now at prices that are a snip compared to other trade shows. Get earthy with real window cleaners, ask what they really want & show off & sell your products. The Window Cleaning Page Trade Show will take place on 10th September. For more information, email Mark Munro at, or call 07766 557461.

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