Friday, 20 May 2016

Fun Friday - Video - Window Cleaner In Drag

Window cleaner in drag.
Kate Tempest, continues to battle preconceptions. Although she studied music at south London’s famous BRIT School (which she recalls as “pretty mind-blowing”), she comes across as much less glossy than fellow alumni Adele and Lily Allen. “The Beigeness” is both the title of a song from Everybody Down (in its video, a bored window washer discovers it’s a lot more fun to wear drag and start dancing) and of a chapter in The Bricks that Built the Houses – works Tempest conceived together. Tempest calls her work from the past few years a “constellation.”

Window cleaners reportedly see many things, but few have peered through the glass into another dimension. Yet in the world of London psych-rockers Purson anything is possible, as can be gleaned from the video for The Window Cleaner, the second single from their recent album Desire’s Magic Theatre. With eerie harmonies, the song peers at the world through distinctly acid-tinted lenses, which is no accident says Purson front woman Rosalie Cunningham.

“The songs on the Desire’s Magic Theatre album are very personal, like a diary. They tend to be about the psychedelic experience, something that’s been important to me since my teenage years, figuring out my own sense of spirituality, and The Window Cleaner is a prime example,” she explains. Differing from the dark feel of much of the album, the new single carries a distinctive uplifting vibe, which is perhaps explained by the circumstances of its conception.

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