Thursday, 3 September 2015

Window Cleaning Tips From 1992

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Popular Mechanics 1992: Window cleaning tips from June 1992, featured in 'Popular Mechanics' magazine, some of the window cleaning tips are still relevant today as they once were back then. Obviously the article was written with the home owner/diy'er in mind, but still, the basics are there as are some of the tools that are very popular today.

1992 doesn't seem that long a go, but since that date 23 years a go, a new breed of window cleaners have sprung up using waterfed poles & microfiber instead of scrims or as mentioned.. bath towels!

Another tip for homeowners back then (& also today) was to use newspaper to clean the windows. This tip is still passed on, adding vinegar or cornstarch to the mix. What most people don't realise is that newspaper back then was using oil derived from petroleum as opposed to the vegetable or soy oil today. The oil for print back then gave a high shine to the window as opposed to todays vegetable oils which are more cloudy & take much more elbow grease to match up to the lustre given by petroleum.

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