Friday, 4 September 2015

Window Cleaner Puts House Up For Grabs

Write an essay & win a window cleaners house.
Contest: "This is a regular home for a special family! We know that there is nothing really amazing about our house and that it would never make the cover of a magazine. Thats not what this is about. This is a lovely little home in a quiet neighborhood where everyone walks their dog and you see children playing in the yards. We needed a way to "sell" our home that was not typical because we cannot sell in the typical fashion."

"So by doing it this way it has become our goal to help another family out. There are so many deserving hardworking families out there that are not able to own their own home due to a variety of circumstances."

"This is for all who have a dream of owning their own home, getting out of a bad neighborhood or those who have lost their job or lost their home to foreclosure. Where death or sickness has affected the family and they can no longer afford to live in a nice home. This is for you! It is our hope in that having a lower entry fee (of $85) it would allow those families to enter and tell us their story. On a national scale the number of entries is going to be on the lower side so the chances of winning are very good."

We wish everyone who enters the very best and we really look forward to hearing your stories and finding a deserving family! To enter please follow this link "Download Entry Form" and follow instructions from there. That will also clearly outline all the rules. Also keep in mind that there is a Subject/Theme to the Essay: A Chance to Start Over.... How this would help/ or change my life.

The property is a lovely 2 story colonial located in a quiet neighborhood in Bristol, CT.  It has 3 bedrooms, a large master bedroom and very large spa master bathroom.  It also has a great front porch that begs to have a bench swing.  There is a large deck off the back that leads to the detached two car garage with a built in shop.

Win a house: Facebook page

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