Friday, 25 September 2015

New Power-Up Electric Window Cleaning Reels

PowerUP and PowerUPHD have a unique high speed low torque design meaning that while 100M of hose can be retracted in 30 seconds.
Power-Up electric window cleaning reels have exploded onto the UK industry and testimonials are pouring in! If you have not yet seen the "world first" range of electric window cleaning reels by Waterworks I'd highly recommend you take a look.  Industry insiders speculate that this new method of hose deployment and stowing could make your business up to 20% more efficient which translates into either an extra days pay or a days holiday (every week)!

In the UK, window cleaners typically make 20 to 40 stops per day, cleaning outside glass and frames only which is why its important to improve equipment efficiency wherever possible.  However, no matter how many stops you're making in one day, everyone can do without winding in 100 meters and the injuries & RSI associated with it.

Electric reels are nothing new... what makes PowerUP different?
Its true, electric reels are not a new invention but existing models have always been focused on industries using hydraulic hoses therefore, they have extremely high torque and low speed and are not suitable for 100 meter lengths of window cleaning micro-bore hose. In addition, all previously existing 12v models are power hungry and upwards of £900.00GBP

Both models, PowerUP and PowerUPHD have a unique high speed low torque design meaning that while 100M of hose can be retracted in 30 seconds, you wont have to worry about hose snagging or power consumption.  In the event of a snag, the reel will just keep trying without stretching your hose or damaging property. Click on links below..

There are a number of pricing options starting from as little as £199+ VAT delivered. The top end reel by Waterworks (PowerUPHD) retails at £399+VAT... meaning its half the price and twice as good as all other electric reels.  Satisfaction guaranteed (or your money back)

"A truly unique product with industry altering potential''  Window Cleaning Warehouse

As featured in both the 'Window Cleaning Magazine' and at the 'WCP Trade Show'

"I'll never go back to winding in... ever again" Oakley Window Cleaning

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To find out more about PowerUP or simply to discuss the potential benefits for your particular business please contact us at or telephone UK (+44) 01536 384 434

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 Its a tough business, motivation and wellbeing are key in overall job satisfation. Buy a PowerUP today and transform your window cleaning life forever along with 100s of others.

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