Friday, 28 August 2015

Window Cleaner Breaks World Record - 53rd marathon in 53 days

Incredibly, he is only just over half way through his mammoth challenge of running 90 marathons in 90 days.
Superfit window cleaner breaks record by completing 53rd marathon in 53 days: Inspirational Mark Vaz, 31, crossed the finish line at the Black Country Museum in Dudley, West Midlands, after a massive 28 mile run. Incredibly, he is only just over half way through his mammoth challenge of running 90 marathons in 90 days. Today marks 60 years since the first edition of Guinness World Records was published.

Click to enlarge. 90 marathons in 90 consecutive days, a total of 2,340 miles.
Mark, who is completing his daily runs around his window cleaning round, has pounded pavements and paths across the UK for more than 1,500 miles in just over 265 hours so far. He hopes to raise £90,000 for a baby charity after his wife Tammy, 31, suffered seven miscarriages in eight years.

Speaking after he completed his record-breaking 53rd marathon yesterday, Mark said the runs have left his body racked with pain. He has also lost a stone and a half since starting his epic fundraiser on July 7 because he cannot physically eat enough food to replace the 3,000 calories he is burning every day. Mark, from Penkridge, Staffs., said: “I’m really happy to have achieved this.”

A total of 2,340 miles. Or put it another way, more or less what the average motorist will drive in their car over that period. And that's not all. There will be no respite during the hours in between his marathon runs. The 31-year-old, will be carrying on with his window cleaning rounds throughout the gruelling three-month period. Although he will be allowing himself the luxury of travelling to jobs in his van.
Marathon running window cleaner breaks world record: A window cleaner from Staffordshire has broken a Guinness World Record after running 53 marathons in 53 days. Mark Vaz, from Penkridge, was cheered on by crowds as he crossed the line at the Black Country Living Museum, taking him over the current record of 52. He hopes to complete 90 marathons in 90 days to raise awareness about miscarriage after his wife Tammy suffered her seventh earlier this year. Tammy, who greeted him with a kiss after his 53rd marathon, said she was "really proud".

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