Monday, 10 August 2015

The Squeaky Clean Robbery

Daylight robbery: He says the bear took the lunch that was supposed to be for his window cleaning workers, and used it to feed her cubs. Simpson says his crew did not mind.
Bear in North Georgia climbs into truck, takes food: A black bear climbed in to the company truck and made itself at home in Pickens County. "The mother bear took my guys' lunch," Gilbert Simpson, owner of Squeaky Clean Windows, said. It happened in Jasper in Pickens County last Tuesday, Simpson said. "My employees were on the job site in Big Canoe when she started taking their lunch to feed her cubs," Simpson said. He said he snapped photos of the bear and no one was hurt.

At least 5,000 bears call Georgia home, typically living in swamps or forested areas, according to the state Department of Natural Resources. It is usually unusual to sight bears in metro Atlanta but that has been getting more common lately. Dunwoody residents first reported bears this year in their back yards the first week in May. Dunwoody police had hoped that state rangers would subdue any creatures with a tranquilizer and transport them elsewhere.

Homeowner Vincent James watched a black bear get comfortable in his hammock.
The state Department of Natural Resources, however, informed them that bears are free roaming critters in Georgia: they have to be bad, apparently, before they can be forcibly moved. The suburbs can be dangerous for them. They occasionally rely on the interstate or other roads to traverse the territory, leading to fatal encounters with automobiles.

The nearest you come to a window cleaning bear is in front of the Denver Convention Center.

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