Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Apple Store Window Cleaner Fall In Sydney

The Apple store on George St, Sydney, Australia. A safety harness, shattered glass, buckets and ropes remain scattered across the footpath as police investigate.
Apple store window cleaner in horror fall: A window cleaner survived after he fell headfirst from the top of the Apple Store and smashed into a bus stop in the city last night. The man, whose age is not known, stepped back to repel down the building’s glass face when he plummeted into the top of the glass bus stop on George St about 8.30pm. Paramedics rushed the man to St Vincents Hospital suffering pelvis, spine and head injuries.

A window cleaner has fallen three storeys from the Sydney Apple store in George Street and landed on a bus shelter.
English cruise ship workers Shaun Williams, 25, and Chris Rogerson, 24, were standing under the bus stop the man fell on top of.“We were at the bus stop and he landed on us,” Mr Williams said. “He was cleaning the window and then stepped back to repel down the edge to clean and he’s fallen headfirst and gone straight through the corner of the bus stop. “He didn’t die, he was conscious. It was literally right where we were standing. “He was making noises trying to get up, he just kept trying to get up and people were telling him to stay down as he was bleeding from his head. Loads of people came over.”

Mr Rogerson said the two were using the Wi-Fi from the Apple Store when the cleaner fell on top of them. “I just heard a massive smash then the rope fell on my head and his cleaning thing and I got a bit disorientated and he was just lying there,” Mr Rogerson said. “I was just chilling, we were just using the (Apple store’s) Wi-Fi.”

The man, believed to be in his 40s, was rushed to St Vincent's Hospital in a critical condition with suspected pelvis, spine and head injuries. Emergency services partially closed off George Street as they helped the man about 8.30pm on Wednesday.
Two of the cleaner’s distressed co-workers spoke with police who sectioned off the footpath outside the store. The bus stop’s glass roof was badly damaged while the man’s harness and rope lay on the footpath next to it. WorkCover is investigating.

The window cleaner is taken to hospital.
A window cleaner has fallen three-storeys off a Sydney store, suffering head and spinal injuries.

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