Monday, 3 August 2015

$13.1375 Million To Window Cleaning Survivor

Alcides Moreno: Alcides, a window washer, was working when a malfunction caused the platform to send him and his brother Edgar down 47 stories.
'Antin Ehrlich & Epstein' Helps in Getting Amount of $13.1375 Million to Survivor Who Fell from Roof of Building (New York, NY): The lawyers of 'Antin Ehrlich & Epstein' have helped the survivor to get a claim of $13.1375 Million from the owner of the building. The worker fell from the 47th floor of the building due to the negligence in safety.

Antin Ehrlich &Epstein, a well-known law firm for accident and injury attorneys has helped a survivor who fell from the roof to get the amount of $13.1375 Million. The settlement was done by one of the NYC personal injury lawyers at Antin. Sources have confirmed that the survivor is the window washer. He was cleaning the widow of a 47 story building. Due to negligence in safety by the building owners and the scaffolding company for the worker, the survivor fell from the 47th floor of the building. Though, doctors were able to save the life of the window washer.

Speaking to the media, one of the lawyers of the law firm said, "This case was really important for us. We wanted that the survivor should get justice. Every life is precious. We had the complete evidence that the person fell from the building because of safety negligence."

The lawyers of 'Antin Ehrlich & Epstein' argued about the safety measures in the court and asked to settle the situation if the owner of the building pays the amount of $13.1375 Million to the survivor. The case was settled in New York. Also here.

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