Monday, 20 April 2015

Window Cleaning Magazine UK - March 2015 Edition

March 2015 Window Cleaning Magazine, now online to read.
The March 2015 edition of the UK Window Cleaning Magazine is out now & available to download now from here. Window Cleaning magazine is the UK's digital magazine that brings you information and news articles aimed at the professional window cleaner. Each issue takes a look at various topics that affect window cleaners and their business. WCM also takes a look at new window cleaning products, and review some of the latest equipment being made available. This edition:

  • The Liquidator - Getting up close and personal
  • Want to use a canvassing company? - Top 10 tips if you want to do it yourself
  • Pure2o launches new systems - Interview with Craig Mawlam
  • Wagtail Swayless - What is it? Willie Erken of Wagtail explains all
  • The Cleaning Show 2015, London
  • Hating your competition is self defeating - Tony Evans explains why
  • & much, much more

If you've been following the window cleaning series.... check out the latest release from Window Cleaning T.V. The crew yet again, follow Peter Artusa in "After Window Wars - Episode 4." This episode follows systems & practices in the workplace. Watch the episode in high definition here.

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