Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Vandals Target Window Cleaner

A window cleaner has fallen victim to vandals for the second time in four and a half months.
Chatteris couple face second vandalism ordeal in less than five months as van windows are smashed: Window cleaner Jamie Parr and his partner Rachel woke up on Sunday at their West Park Street home to discover the windows of their van had been smashed.

If anyone has information call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0888 555 111.
In November, vandals smashed the windows of their van and car, and the front window of their home. The most recent attack has been captured on CCTV. Police are analysing the footage. Mrs Parr said: “There was an incident in November where the windows in the van and the front window got smashed. It happened again on Saturday night. “It happened at 11.15pm. Me and my partner were up but we didn’t hear it. We heard the dog barking but we thought it was just being protective. “When we woke up and let the dog out, we saw the window had been smashed again of the van.”

Jamie Parr who has had his van vandalised for the second time.
Chatteris man counting the cost of vandalism attack: A Chatteris man is counting the cost after vandals have attacked his van for the second time. Angry window cleaner Jamie Parr was horrified to discover windows on his van had been smashed outside his home in West Park Street on April 4.

In November his car, a Rover MGZR, had to be written off after all of the windows were smashed. Father of three, Mr Parr was expecting to lose money while the van was fixed but has CCTV footage of the attack on the vehicle. He said: “This is not nice for the kids. It just scares them. “It is frightening to watch this happen on CCTV. You see him walking with something shoved up his sleeve.”

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