Thursday, 2 April 2015

White Knuckle Ride For Chinese Window Cleaners

Bad day at work for two Chinese window cleaners on China's second tallest building, the Shanghai World Financial Centre. The platform crashed into window of 100 Century Avenue Restaurant, shattering the glass. All employees on the 91st floor were then immediately evacuated. and luckily, the two workers on board at the time were not shaken off the platform and only suffered minor injuries.
Window cleaners take ride of their lives: Window cleaners endured a terrifying 15 minutes yesterday when the platform they were working from hundred of meters above ground began swinging violently. The pair were suspended between the 91st and 92nd floors of the Shanghai World Financial Center, the city’s second-tallest building at 492 meters, when their cradle slammed into a curtain wall, sending glass flying into the building and down to the ground.

The white-knuckle ride, which began at 9:15am, lasted about 15 minutes before the platform stopped swinging and could be lowered to a place where the cleaners were able to get off, Shanghai TV reported. The men have some bruises and one sprained his wrist, but they were otherwise unharmed by the ordeal, Yao Hui, a press officer with the building, told Shanghai Daily.

The men work for a cleaning company and were carrying out regular maintenance, he said. Some glass fell inside the building, so people on the 91st floor were evacuated, Yao said. While the cause of the incident is unknown, it was “confirmed that no ropes of the platform had snapped,” he said. A person inside the financial center managed to capture part of the incident on a cellphone and later uploaded the clip to the Internet.

Window cleaners take ride of their lives.
Window cleaners spin out of control on top of China’s second-tallest building: Two window cleaners working on China's second tallest building found themselves swinging violently almost 500 metres above the ground after their suspended platform spun out of control. The incident happened this morning at the Shanghai World Financial Centre, a 101-storey, 492 metre-tall skyscraper. The video, shot from the 100th floor restaurant, shows the hanging platform out of control repeatedly smashing into the glass walls at speed, causing loud thumping noises.

"I'm worried for them," a nearby spectator can be heard saying in English. Just before the video ends, a small fragment can be seen falling from the base of the platform as it is damaged by the impacts. The Shanghai Daily News reports that the hanging platform smashed through the curtain wall, and the two workers were treated in hospital with minor bruises. It is thought strong winds were the cause of the incident, but an investigation is underway.

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