Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Window Cleaning Magazine UK is 10

A Simpsons take on window cleaning - read the story inside.
Window Cleaning magazine is a new digital magazine that brings you information and news articles aimed at the professional window cleaner. Each issue takes a look at various topics that affect window cleaners and their business. WCM also takes a look at new window cleaning products, and review some of the latest equipment being made available. Pictured is the editor, Lee Burbidge.

There are tips and advice on how to run a successful window cleaning business, plus information that will help you find new customers, new commercial contracts and build a sustainable and recession proof business. Whether you use water fed pole systems or traditional window cleaning methods Window Cleaning Magazine caters for everyone. Subscribe here.

  • The Route to Prosperity by Stuart Webster
  • The genius of Wagtail by Wagga
  • Do you own a business or a job? Matt Perry makes the leap
  • Why window cleaners die broke  Part one
  • Top Winter gloves Stephen Fox talks gloves
  • The Amazing double life of Adam Acting window cleaner
  • Parts per billion technology What the readers say
  • Reach-iT takes a shock  Erwin lives to tell the tale. Why?
Plus much, much more....

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