Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Window Cleaners Good Deed Goes A Long Way

A penned letter left by LTM cleaning.
Community-minded cleaning firm come to aid of Sleaford restaurant after spit found on window - A cleaning business showed its community spirit after someone spat on the window of a Sleaford restaurant. On Thursday, The Little Italy Pizza Co, in Mill Court, posted a photograph on a Facebook page dedicated to Sleaford of spit on its window.

It called on the offender to clean up the mess or see CCTV images of them posted online, saying they had more pressing matters than cleaning up after “vile individuals such as this”. However, by the following morning, LTM Cleaning had taken action. In a letter left at the restaurant, the firm said: “After reading yesterday about what one disgusting person did to your windows I decided to clean them myself because that is just not on. “You have done very well to build what is a community business, getting people to interact with one and other and building links and friendships.”

The Little Italy Pizza Co, which later found the offender had escaped its CCTV cameras, shared an image of the letter on the Facebook page, earning LTM Cleaning widespread acclaim. One Facebook user Georgina Carter said: “It’s reassuring to know that there are still some good hearted people around. Too often we hear about those who constantly take, destroy or behave in otherwise socially unacceptable ways, so to see this is great. Well done LTM may this good deed come back to you many fold.”

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