Friday, 10 January 2014

Mole & Jersey Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing Shows

Episode 9
Episode 9: On this episode we talk to the wonderful Anya Curry from Ambidextrous Services, Website guru extraordinaire. And our Fail of the week is a tri-fecta of awesomeness! If you want to start a window cleaning business or looking for window cleaning supplies, or maybe you want to start a pressure washing company or you are looking for pressure washing supplies watch the show and learn a bit!

4:36 Jersey's Junk...Unger Microwipe
7:53 Marketing Madness...Estimates
12:34 The Chop Chop...Anya Curry
20:24 Fail of the Week...3 way
24:05 The Top 5...Things I like about my business

Episode 8
Episode 8: Window cleaning and pressure washing greatness...You want motivation? Watch our interview with Nick Long and Jersey Josh tries to be nice...

3:28 Jersey's Junk Reach-It Xtra light
8:22 Marketing Madness "trade shows"
14:49 The Chop Chop Nick Long
24:49 Fail of the Week
26:37 Top 5 Resolutions

Are you starting a window cleaning business? Maybe your a pressure washer that is looking for some more info. Maybe you have 30 minutes to waste, either way this is for you.

Episode 7
Episode 7: Do you want to see Dave Carroll? Well you can thank us later...This show is full of awesome "how to run a business" information. Are you starting a window cleaning business? You have a business, but you are always looking for more ideas? Just want to waste 30 minutes? The Mole and Jersey Show is for you!

3:07 The Wire NOLA
7:14 Jerseys Junk EZ cling
10:56 Marketing Madness Selling to existing customers
15:45 The Chop Chop Dave Carroll
24:53 Fail of the Week...
27:38 Top 5 Cookies???


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Carmen Rhone said...

All these Mole & Jersey shows are rocking the house as in awesome. Great job guys!! High Pressure Cleaning

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