Thursday, 27 August 2009

Window Cleaning Related Videos

Don Marsh - Networking with Other Services: Once in awhile I get a job for someone else who does some other service. It happens because a customer asks me if I know a painter or electrician or a plumber. I give them a name and number and that person mysteriously gets a phone call from someone who is ready to spend money. In a nutshell, that is how networking referrals work. At this very moment, someone is looking for a window cleaner in your town. She is hesitant to just call someone in the Yellow Pages because she wants someone who is known and trusted by her friends or another service person whose judgment she trusts. Today, some baby sitter or dog groomer or nail tech is thinking of who she knows who cleans windows; or who she has heard another customer talk about. Everyone is drawing a blank…because not one of those people knows who you are. More....

Don talks about self employment...

Two domestic workers (aka house maid) cleaning a second floor apartment window in Jordan, risking her life in the process. This is a very common sight in Jordan. Window cleaning is considered a required chore in many households, and if the worker refused she could be coerced, chastised, or fired. In some cases where the maid falls and dies or is injured, it's reported as an attempted suicide and the victim's family is denied any compensations.

Mr Squeegee of "A New View window cleaning" brings you the 6th & 7th episodes in the summer series of "weather or not." In the first video, Tony shares his ideas on add-on services during the slowdown. In the second video, Tony gives his thoughts on scheduling jobs around the heat. The third video shows you Tony utilising his backpack with a wfp on a balcony. See other videos here.

Shawn Gavin of Reach Higher Ground shows us the clamps & operation of the Gardiners SLX pole in the next 3 videos. RHG was started in 2006 by Shawn Gavin, a window cleaner with a vision. Shortly after getting into the window cleaning industry Shawn discovered pure water window cleaning. In his day to day operations of his window cleaning business Shawn found a need for products that were not currently available. As a result he sought out those products from other markets and began to utilize them in his own business. Since then, he has become committed to making those types of products available to other window cleaners. Shawn still operates his window cleaning business and his passion is to educate his fellow window cleaners about the benefits of pure water and help them incorporate it into their business. Reach Higher Ground, manufacturers in Colorado and distributes to many countries around the world. Check out the new website here.

Another new video series in the making from Window Cleaning Resource, this one titled "WFP's on WCR." Hosted by Micah Kommers of "We Wash Windows" from Greenville, South Carolina. Also shown is an exterior gutter cleaning video utilising a pressure washer.

The North West Window Cleaners BBQ was the gathering place for all window cleaners in the North west territory & was a resounding success. Here is the video below to show what happened on the day. Look out for the world's biggest squeegee "the Slayer." Tim Hunter of "Gleaming the View" showcased Networking, Demos, a Swap-meet & a BBQ. Click here for more details & pictures.

Finally....I think the heat has finally got to this window cleaner.

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