Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Killed By Falling Glass

Helpless family: The victim's brother and her mother were seen next to a schoolgirls body after she was killed by falling glass, from a window that was being cleaned at the time.
A piece of glass fell & killed a schoolgirl when a housemaid was cleaning a window from the 20th floor: The victim was pronounced dead at the scene in Zhuhai, China, on Saturday when she was struck while walking to an extracurricular class with her two siblings.

A 11-year-old girl has been tragically killed after a pane of glass fell from a 20th floor flat and hit her in the head in a Chinese city. The glass was thought to have dropped when a housemaid was cleaning a window in a residential high-rise in Zhuhai, southern China, on June 18, reported the People's Daily Online.

According to the report, the school girl was walking on Leyuan Road in Xiangshou District, Zhuhai, together with her two siblings. She was struck by the glass at around 10am.  An eyewitness, with the surname Luo, said he heard a loud bang from a distance. He said after he rushed over, he saw a girl lying on a pedestrian crossing covered in blood. Her siblings were crying in shock next to her.

Unexpected tragedy: The girl was on her way to an extracurricular class when the accident occurred.
An ambulance was immediately called by Mr Luo, but paramedics were unable to save the girl, who was pronounced dead at the scene. The victim's younger brother, who witness the tragic accident, told a reporter that the trio were crossing the road in front of the residential compound when his sister got struck. 

The Zhuhai Public Security Bureau confirmed the accident on June 18 through its official account on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter. A later post from the police authority confirmed the cause of the accident. It read: 'After initial investigation, the glass had fallen from a house on the 20th floor in building number 2 at Hengfu Court on Leyuan Road.' Chinese media suggested that a housemaid was cleaning the window for a family living on the 20th floor when the glass dropped. Further investigations are being carried out by the police. 

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