Monday, 20 June 2016

Electric Hose Fathers Day Wind Up

The PowerUp hose & reel from Waterworks impresses Brads Dad.
HOSE LAUGHING NOW? Dad is delighted with his generous Father’s Day present from his son – but there’s a catch. Serial prankster Brad Holmes is at it again - and this time it's his window cleaner dad who's on the receiving end. Brad Holmes is at it again – and this time, it’s his dad who’s copped the short straw.

In a video posted to his Facebook page, Brad, 24, presents his father with a generous gift for Father’s Day. He explains to his unsuspecting pa that the “first electric hose-reel wind up thing” from Waterworks Window Cleaning is meant to help him with his work. Brad says: “As it’s Father’s Day I thought I’d treat you, make your life a bit easier.”

Chuffed to bits with his new toy, Brad’s dad exclaims: “B****y hell, that’s cool as you like isn’t it? Thanks mate.” After he’s had a play, the pair then climb into the front of the van, where Brad’s dad thanks his son again for his kind gift. He gushes: “It’s f*****g handy that, going to make my job 20 times f*****g easier, you know that don’t you?

“F*****g brilliant. Didn’t have to get that though, could have just got me a card, that would have been alright.” Brad tells him it worked out at around £349 plus vat, to which his dad replies: “You soppy c*** you didn’t have to spend that much did you?” It’s then Brad drops the bomb that he didn’t. When his confused dad asks who did, Brad explains: “You paid for it.” He then informs his furious father that he used his credit card, warning him: “You shouldn’t leave it lying around.”

Incensed, Brad’s dad goes off on one of his infamous sweary rants, calling his son all the names under the sun. It’s only at the very end that Brad puts him out of his misery, telling him: “I’m joking you p****, I got it.”

Brad’s videos, which often features his dad and his girlfriend Jenny, have a huge online following.
Last month, Brad played a cruel trick on Jenny which involved rubbing chilli on her tampon during her time of the month. Despite the cruel stunt receiving over 19,000 likes and 12,000 comments, the ruthless trick sparked outrage, with many accusing Brad of over-stepping the mark.

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