Monday, 16 November 2015

Two Window Cleaning Scams

The email/text scam. Click to enlarge.
You may be receiving a few scam text message/emails that are appearing more than ever. Have you received a few yourselves? It seems that this was mainly confined to North America but now Europeans are starting to receive them, as I did above.

The perpetrators may claim to be hearing impaired or have some kind of deadly disease & so are hospital bound etc. They always ask you accept credit cards. They offer to pay you in advance by credit card. Then they over-pay, an ask you to forward the money that they over paid back to them. They use stolen credit cards. So you can't get the money back that you forward them. 

The advise is: Never take card details over the phone from someone you don't know. Always take card payments in person and check the details match that of the customer - ask for additional ID if you think it's required. Use an online service like via paypal etc.. the onus is on them to check the security details. There would be No refunds unless processed through the originating card. 

The Window Cleaner Scam - The Real Hustle: A UK programme that shows how scams are carried out. As the window cleaners take the street to do an honest days work, the Hustlers are also out to do not such an honest days scamming.

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