Tuesday, 24 November 2015

It's Clear To See Who Gives Free Window Cleaning

Lee Burke with Andrew Green, Derek Crocker, Izzy Guest, Zac Ogden and Chris Freestone.
Kind-hearted Plymouth window cleaners volunteer time to make school windows sparkle: Students at a special school organised a tea party to a kind-hearted group of window cleaners who made the school sparkle for free. Derek Crocker and his team from Clear2See for giving up their time to clean the windows at Hannahs Ivybridge.

The Plymouth window cleaning team gave up three days to voluntarily clean windows all around the site as well as the very large front canopy. To say thank you, the kitchen staff baked a cake recognising Derek’s interest in motorbikes and the young people from both Hannahwood and Hannahs School made beautiful thank you cards.

Derek said: “My daughter was born with kidney problems and when I needed help with her people very kindly came forward. “It made me realise that I wanted to give something back to other young people in need so I contacted Hannahs. “I am really pleased that I was able to help in some way.”

Izzy Guest, executive lead at Hannahs at Ivybridge, said: “Derek, the owner of the Clear2See, has gone above and beyond supporting Hannahs at Ivybridge. “He has dedicated so much of his time to improving the environment for all of the children, adults and staff at Ivybridge. “Derek and his team have an amazing work ethic and do not stop until the job is done correctly. He’s such great guy.”

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