Thursday, 19 November 2015

New York - Toronto - Scaffold Malfunctions

Two workers were rescued after a scaffold malfunction in NYC, when the platform/scaffold got stuck on the exterior of the 22nd floor of the building at W. 38th St. and 6th Ave. Responding firefighters had to cut a glass window on the 22nd floor to free the trapped workers, officials said.

2 Workers Rescued From Scaffolding Outside Midtown Skyscraper: Two window washers were rescued from scaffolding after becoming stuck 22 stories up at a 30-story skyscraper on Fifth Avenue Wednesday, authorities say. The movable scaffold got stuck after its electricity died, according to a source at the scene. As a result, the device wasn't able to move up or down, trapping the workers.

FDNY crews rescued the workers by cutting through a double-pane glass window. The workers were not injured, the source said. The scaffolding company will work to determine what went wrong with the scaffold, which was still hanging from the building at 3:30 p.m. Mechanics at the scene planned to raise the scaffold to the roof, fix it and then lower it to the ground.

Two window washers were rescued from scaffolding after becoming stuck 22 stories up.
Three Men Rescued From Swing Stage 23 Floors Up At Bay And Queen (Toronto, Canada) - Three men have been brought to safety after spending hours trapped on a swing stage outside the 23rd floor of a highrise  in the cities downtown core. It’s believed the men spent four hours stranded on the stage in the area of Bay Street and Queen Street West.

Nearly 20 firefighters were involved in the rescue of the window washers which got underway just before 6 this evening, with the rescuers removing a window pane to reach the men. They were rescued at around 7.p.m and no injuries were reported. Roads in the area had been closed for a time to facilitate the rescue but have since fully reopened.

Five trucks and approximately 20 firefighters worked to remove a building window to access the Toronto window cleaners.

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