Sunday, 1 August 2010

The First Water Fed Pole "Hot Wash" Mobile Trolley System

Well, it's about time - the race has been on for the first heated water mobile system to come on the market & window cleaners have been waiting patiently. And the winner is.......Peter Fogwill of Window Tools based in West Lothian, Scotland. Peter (pictured) has been making substantially cheaper robust systems for a long time now, in fact even I own his original system & it's still all working fine! Peter was the first to come up with mobile trolley systems & although other window cleaning supply companies laughed at the time - it wasn't long before they followed suit. The water fed pole trolley system is now ready to be ordered on a first come, first served basis. The trolley can be ordered through this site by emailing me or go directly through the Window Tools Website.

The "Water Fed Pole Hot Wash" runs on LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) & has a self igniting pilot light, which means gas is only used when you are using your system. Hot water is provided instantaneously, with the controls near at hand, featuring simple ease of use & single or dual operator design. The system can easily fit in the boot/trunk of a car, like all Peters systems, most of them can be broken down quite easily & used in different ways. The trolley system is available now & the hot wash will be available in around a month. The introductory price is £1195 before VAT, this is a special offer on the first one hundred sold. Prices will rise after the initial one hundred units.

  • Fully automatic.
  • Safety devices.
  • Economical (the gas lights when the water flows, and goes out instantly when the water stops). Variable heat settings from 30 degree to 60 degree.
  • Dual pole operation off one unit.
  • Faster cleaning action with heat.
  • Removes stubborn marks easier.
  • Winter working.
  • Easily adaptable for direct water feed.
  • Fantastic Price for a heated system.
  • Includes full reverse osmosis system
  • Includes water fed pole
Peter can be reached on Other contact details can be found at the base of his Window Tools website.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Peter, another compact time saving tool !
Jeff Brimble, Ruthin UK.

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