Thursday, 3 September 2009

Window Cleaning News

Can Swiss Clean really keep your windows clean for a year? Do you have dirty windows and mirrors? We found a product that is supposed to help. It's called Swiss Clean window clear. The claim is that it will clean and keep windows spotless for up to one year. Sounds like a miracle. But will it work? Let me try it before you buy it. The Swiss formula is supposed to form an invisible barrier to protect against dirt, dust and even insects. I got the help of my producer, Quita and some of her family members who happen to be kids. The instructions say to spray the cleaner and wipe it with a soft cloth, then polish well until it is completely dry. The Swiss Clean did a great job making the window and bathroom mirror shine. How long will the clean windows and mirrors last? It has been one week since we used the cleaner and after a week not so clean. We paid $7.98 for the Swiss Clean window clear and from the results I have to say it is not worth the cash. The cleaner did make the window shine, but it didn't last. Based on those results I give the window cleaner a thumbs down.

UK's most famous window cleaner: From Brookside Close to Coronation Street via Hollywood, Michael Starke has come a long way from his childhood roots in a deprived area of Liverpool. At the time, Jimmy was working on a little known Liverpool soap called Brookside which went on to become one of our most successful and much loved soaps. As soon as he saw Michael, Jimmy knew he had the perfect part for him.
Sinbad the window cleaner was only ever meant to be in three episodes of the soap but he ended up being in it for 15 years and remains one of Brookside’s most enduring characters. Even though he left the show nearly 10 years ago, he still gets called ‘Sin’ by people on the street all the time, something he tolerates with good humour. “I have such fond memories of Brookside and it was a great programme to be involved with,” says Michael. “I think for me personally the highlight of my work was the Jordache storyline, which as an actor was a great challenge. There was a great team who worked on the show and I feel very fortunate to have been part of it.”

Using window Squeegee's in art: A visual arts exhibition of new work by Birr based artist Rowena Keaveney is currently on display in Belmont Mills Studios. All are welcome to view the exhibition which will run until September 15. Artist Rowena Keaveny, originally from England, has been living in the Midlands since 1999. Having moved from Laois in 2003 she now lives in Birr. Rowena has always painted in a non-traditional way, often using a variety of different tools such as window cleaning blades and rollers. Although she now uses brushes and oil paint, Rowena coats the surface of the canvas with wood-dye which, through a dynamic chemical reaction, creates both texture and atmosphere in the painting. Rowena has enjoyed several solo and group shows throughout Ireland, has been the recipient of several awards and is included in various public collections.

Driffield man arrested in connection with alleged bogus window cleaning operation: A man has been arrested in connection with an alleged bogus window cleaning operation in Driffield. Police have arrested a 26-year-old Driffield man for fraud by false representation. It is alleged a man knocked on several doors in the Driffield area between August 30 and Tuesday September 1, claiming to be their window cleaner and required payment. It is alleged some home owners paid the man a sum of money, while others became suspicious and refused to pay the man. Police are now urging residents who may have fallen victim to the bogus window cleaner to come forward and are keen to speak to anyone who may have been approcahed by the man.
PC Simon Marshall said: "We have had many victims coming forward with regards to a man alleging to be their window cleaner. "Between 1pm and 2.30pm on Tuesday September 1, it is known properties down Meadowcroft Road, Lapwing Road, Fieldfare, and The Ridings were all targeted. "I am appealing to any residents living in Driffield who believe they were also targeted to come forward". A 26-year-old man appeared at Bridlington Magistrates Court today (Thursday September 3) and has been remanded to appear at court on September 11. Anyone with information is asked to contact Humberside Police on 0845 60 60 222 quoting log number 398 of 01/01/2009.

The students from Rockland and Westchester were ages 10 to 17 at the time of their eight-day visit in October. They've been learning photography from Ken Karlewicz, who is curating an exhibit of 50 of their images to open Sept. 11 at the GAGA Arts Center in Garnerville. Karlewicz has chronicled Rockland for more than a decade, from vanishing farms in 1996 to a 24-hour photo blitz of Route 59 for an exhibit at GAGA in the spring. But it was his day job, owner of Mr. K's Window Cleaning, that put him in the position to offer his students a unique opportunity. While doing an estimate at Benmosche's Wesley Hills home, he did what he often does - put the arm on a customer to help his students, some of whom can't afford pro Nikons or world travel. "Ken was talking about kids needing cameras and some of the photo shoots they were doing," Benmosche said in a call from Dubrovnik on Tuesday. "I told him the best place I know for a field trip is Croatia and that I'd donate money to help make it happen." He also offered his villa as their base of operations.

Cleaning up in Yorkshire: An industrial cleaning company which won Duncan Bannatyne’s backing on TV’s Dragons’ Den has expanded its operations. UK Commercial Cleaning, set up five years ago by Tony Earnshaw in his home town of Washington, Wearside, has opened a depot in Leeds. Mr Earnshaw established the business with £300 when he was 19, boosting the earnings from a window cleaning round to £6,000 a month then expanding to become a full commercial cleaning company. The company has recruited John Kerslake to run the Yorkshire division and has already agreed contracts with Burger King and Ladbrokes. Mr Earnshaw said: “John’s experience in the industry will be a great advantage in driving the business forward. “Our Leeds depot is a key part of developing our business plan to be a fully national company. This is a big step towards what we want to achieve.” Mr Earnshaw, and sales manager Stephen Pearson pitched their business to the BBC2 Dragons, asking for £100,000 in return for a 20 per cent stake in the business. Mr Bannatyne finally secured a 35 per cent stake and a role as a company director. Read more.

Take Five With Bill Hart: Born and raised in Canada, Hart started playing guitar at nine years old. He moved to the United States at the age of thirteen and was playing professionally by sixteen years old. His first professional experience was playing with his rock band in a pit for theater shows, featuring shows like Rocky Horror Picture Show and Little Shop Of Horrors. He has been featured on twelve CDs and released four under his own name, the latest, This Is Why, on Blue Canoe Records. The first trade he learned to do was high rise window cleaning. Did it for years and worked my way through music college in Los Angeles.

Enviro Glass Solutions are now providing a service where they treat windows with a substance called Tio2 which transforms normal windows into self cleaning windows by using nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the use of particles one billionth of a metre in size. This changes the physical properties of the glass by chemically bonding with its surface meaning that grime will be burned away by a photo catalytic process triggered by the sun.
Untreated windows require cleaning up to fifty times a year to retain their clarity. Windows treated with Tio2 will self clean every time it rains (so somewhat more than fifty times a year in these parts). The process lasts up to two years. There are benefits both to the environment and financially. Employing a traditional window cleaner involves transportation, energy consumption and contributes to CO2 emissions. The financial savings are up to fifty per cent on traditional window cleaning costs. The process itself is environmentally friendly as it utilises inert products and decreases water consumption. The treated windows are brighter and clearer and you don't get a window cleaner staring in at you at the exact moment that you are doing something unmentionable. The treatment is available for both residential and commercial buildings. Enviro Glass Solutions Ltd.

Cleaning companies have been warned that they are probably over-spending on diesel and petrol. Steve Clarke, general manager of The Fuelcard People, said: “Any cleaning firm without a fuel card will be losing money, while even those who already have one may be missing benefits. Anyone who thinks that all fuel cards are the same is wrong and almost certainly over-pays as a consequence. Every day, thousands of cleaners’ vans and other vehicles are refuelled at pump prices, although discounts of 10p per litre and more are available. It is financial madness to pay for fuel without enjoying discount pricing.”
Steve pointed out why over-spending happens, saying: “When fuel cards were first introduced, discounts were rare. Now, savings of 2p to 3p per litre on national average pump prices, and up to 10p on motorway costs, are typical. Depending upon which card a cleaning firm chooses, discounts will apply across a national network of 1,600 or more locations. Too many companies continue to use the non-discount fuel cards they have held for years, rather than reviewing their options and saving money.” He questioned those who fail to shop around. “Fuel cards vary,” he warnes, “and one type cannot suit every need. A cleaning firm will not have the same specific needs as a haulier, electrical contractor or courier company. Significant per-litre discounts should be just the start of the service, savings and security benefits sought by users.”
And he issued a challenge to cleaning firms: “Call us and I bet that we can find you a better package of benefits than you already have. Apart from savings, free credit and ease of VAT recovery, there is so much on offer from dedicated account management and 24/7 account access to detailed, customised reports and state-of-the-art security measures. The Fuelcard People is one of the few fuel card companies able to offer truly impartial, independent advice, offering a broad choice of cards from leading brands including BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco, Diesel Direct (Keyfuels) and ReD.

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