Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Caveman Window Cleaner

The window cleaning caveman.
The Bermondsey Caveman gets a job! - The Stone Age resident currently perched on a Clements Road roof looks set for a spot of window cleaning, judging by a photo sent in by a News reader.

Eagle-eyed Bermondsey residents will have spotted an unusual addition to SE16 this month: a Stone Age caveman in Clements Road! However, it appears that the caveman’s days of lounging around of garage roofs are over – at least judging by a photo sent in to the News by reader Elizabeth Bond.

She noticed the model is now wearing a harness and decked out with window-washing equipment. Elizabeth told the News: “Whoever has changed him into a window cleaner has a cracking sense of humour and has made my morning walk to the station. “I’m loving my walk to work at the moment. 8am turn the corner in Clements Road and get to wave at my new friend.”

The life-sized dummy – dressed like a caveman with a long brown wig – appeared on top of a garage on Clements Road one night on January 29. Now the statue has become a bit of a ‘local landmark’, according to the woman who discovered it. Residents were quick to notice the strange figure with people climbing the high garage to take selfies with the dummy. Valerie Hawtin, 57, said she found the Bermondsey caveman in her front garden one Friday night.

She said: “It was quite late on the night and I took some rubbish out into the front garden to put in the bin. I saw this dark figure and it scared the life out of me. It took a while before I realised it was a life size dummy of a caveman. “It had just been dumped in my garden but I don’t have a clue who did it. It was probably just rubbish because the dummy only has one arm, so was probably of no use. “I didn’t really mind that it was dumped in my garden because I thought it was quite quirky.” Valerie’s son Christopher, 33, decided to put the dummy on top of the garage so it could be easily seen by passersby.

The mystery caveman before he became a window cleaner.

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