Friday, 19 February 2016

Mr. Vocab Says SqueegyBladeSncheezyGrade

Gangsta Cecil or it Darren? An independent hip-hopping window cleaner aka Mr. Vocab.
A rapping window cleaner born in Castle Cary is preparing to release a new album after his hiatus from music. Mr Vocab aka Cecil McFarrell, real name Darren Newton, now lives in Glastonbury and has been working with well renowned London producer Micall Parknsun to release Squeegeebladesncheezygrade on May 1.

The hip-hop artist was formally a member of the well-known local band House of Commoners, from Glastonbury, who are a nine piece band. Darren, who is 38 next month, said: "I left House of Commoners because of artistic differences. I run my own window cleaning business and now I'm trying to get my music out there again.

"When I was younger I had a lot of stuff on a personal level that I wrote about going on in my life that I found as an inspiration. As I've got older I still found myself writing lyrics even though I wasn't recording anything."

Darren has released his latest single, Clockin' Up The Miles produced by Micall Parknsun, on YouTube and has so far amassed 700 hits.

He has been recording his album in Studio 9 in Glastonbury. "I found I had so much material and started collaborating with friends who were making beats," he said. "I then started to make some beats and had people contacting me asking me to record some tracks."

Darren has two children, Ava, four, and Reggie, seven months, with his fiancé. He also has links to Yeovil where his mum lives.

The rapper previously released an album called The Cataclysm in 2012 which was available on iTunes but he has since taken it off and put it on the website Bandcamp as a free download. Darren is planning to get around the local area to promote his new music.

He added: "I'm planning on playing gigs around the Somerset area and also possibly do some DJ sets with the help of a friend of mine."

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