Friday, 26 June 2015

3 Points Of Contact

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Window washers precarious perch: Payroll specialist Fabiola Metellus contacted CJAD via "YOUR STORY." She said she was returning from lunch Thursday afternoon around 2 p.m. when she saw a worker straddling between a ladder and ledge , two stories high, cleaning hotel windows.

He wasn't wearing any safety gear. "With all the ad campaigns that we see on TV about safety in the workplace, why this man is not in one of these mechanical platforms. Why is he on a ladder like this?"

Metellus added, "I hope that first of all that this employee won't get in trouble for me reporting this. Nine times out of ten, somebody will report something something, and unfortunately it's not the employer who gets in trouble, it's the employee."

"But I just wonder, as an employee, don't you feel you have the right to say no?" "And as an employer, how dare you ask your employee to work in such conditions."

When contacted, the Chateau Versailles on Sherbrooke Street West said the external window washing company they use is professional and has never had a safety issue.
3 points of contact.
Ladders – three points of contact: When climbing or working from a ladder or stepladder, three points of contact should be maintained. A recent media story has highlighted the need to clarify this term which appears in our guidance leaflet INDG402.

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