Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Rescue Dallas/Fort Worth

Fort Worth firefighters had to rescue a man after he became stuck on the side of a building washing window.
Stuck Window Washer Rescued From Side of Building Near D/FW Airport: Fort Worth firefighters had to rescue a man after he became stuck on the side of a building washing window. Hanging from outside the fourth floor of a Fort Worth building, one window washer was left wondering if he would make it down safely.

“The young man was hanging about 40 minutes before somebody noticed and a phone call was made,” said Battalion Chief Roger Woodard with the Fort Worth Fire Department. The washer was cleaning outside the American Airlines Credit Union when his equipment became stuck. The man left dangling about 50 feet in the air. His harness being the only line of defense from him plunging to the ground.

“It kept him from falling,” said Woodard. “But he was not able to climb up or lower himself.” A harness was lowered to the stranded window washer. Then three fire fighters pulled him 10 feet up to the roof. “It's a lot of weight to pull in that angle, especially when you don't have a lift system,” said Woodard. The man finally was brought to solid ground, but exhausted after an unusual workday. “If you were hanging there by a harness for 30-40 minutes, you might be a little exhausted too,” said Woodard. MedStar checked out the window washer on the scene and he is said to be doing OK. But it's still not clear why his equipment became stuck.

Window washer rescued off Fort Worth building: A window washer was trapped on the side of a building south of DFW Airport for 40 minutes before firefighters rescued him by lifting him up to a roof, a fire official said Monday. The worker was taken to a local hospital for observation, Battalion Chief Richard Harrison said Monday. Firefighters responded to a high angle rescue call at 12:37 p.m. Monday from 4151 Amon Carter Boulevard, just to the south of Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.

Window washers had been working at the American Airlines Credit Union, a four-story building, Monday morning, officials said. “One window washer was on a single harness and somehow he got tied up,” Harrison said. Another window washer saw that his co-worker was trapped and dropped down to help, fire officials said. “He had lowered himself to help his co-worker relieve the pressure,” Harrison said. “When you’re in that situation, you begin to have circulation problems because of the harness on you.” Firefighters arrived on the scene, and from the roof managed to untangle the harness and lift the worker up, Harrison said.


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