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Sweden Hopes To Take The Fastest Window Cleaning Titles

Ivan Pleinadius and Marianne Pettersson hope to take the Guinness Book of Record titles.
Want to beat the world record in window cleaning? - Ivan Pleinadius and Marianne Pettersson will compete in the equivalent of the window cleaning World Cup in England. Ivan Pleinadius and Marianne Pettersson devote many hours each day to clean windows through his company Window Cleaning King (PutsarKungen). But interest in the shiny windows also spill over to the couple's leisure and on Sunday they set off on an aeroplane to England where they will participate in the Window Cleaning World Cup.

Ivan and Marianne with their trademark heart will be on the Unger stand at the show.
I'm actually practicing right now, says Ivan Pleinadius when UNT called him on Tuesday. During the Window Cleaning competition it is up to the contestants to as quickly as possible, clean three windows with an area around one meter x 1'5 meter. If a competitor leaves water on the surface, it will be a time penalty of a half a second.

Ivan Pleinadius and Marianne Pettersson pictured yesterday with the current & longest World record holder Terry "turbo" Burrows.
The Window Cleaning competition is over very quickly. The record on the men's side is of 9.17 seconds. "Marianne and I try to practice as much as possible now and we encourage each other to get the time down," says Ivan Pleinadius.

Marianne is very likely to take the womens title, the Swedish press are featuring them everywhere.
Only one day to beat the record. "In March, we're going to England to try to get a place in the Guinness Book of Records, but we are well aware of the tough competition, says Ivan Pleinadius.
Ivan Pleinadius and Marianne Pettersson have worked as professional window cleaners for 25 years and believes that the world championship only elevates the status of the profession. They themselves have participated in the World Cup several times before and Marianne Pettersson holds the Swedish record right now. Ivan Pleinadius best finish is third place in the World Cup.

Are you going to win? "It is difficult to say." "There tend to be some 40 participants and competition is hard, but you should never say never." "I think that Marianne has a great chance to win the competition on the women's side." The competition is currently being held at the Cleaning Show.

Chasing the record in window cleaning: Everyday Marianne Pettersson from Borlange and Ivan Pleinadius practise at their cleaning company. But they also compete in window cleaning. Now they are at the window cleaning World Cup in England. As a fun break, they aim to make their company Cleaning King with Marianne Pettersson and Ivan Pleinadius the top name in window cleaning. 

It all started when Ivan Pleinadius began competing in the SM (Sweden), and Marianne Pettersson, who was born and raised in Borlänge, also competed. They have repeatedly gone to the World Cup in the USA, where Marianne had to compete against men - because there were no women in her category. At best, she has come in fifth place in the men's class at the World Cup in the USA in 2011. She is also the reigning SM champion.

"It is fun to go for major competitions in the World Cup." "In everyday life, we are not out among our customers as much, anymore." "So, this is one thing that we think is fun," says Marianne Pettersson. They also usually take part in trade fairs to showcase their window cleaning, but right now they are both in hard training before the World Cup in England (Guinness Book of Records) which takes place on 11 March.

The competition is to clean as fast as possible three windows with no traces of water. One gets a time penalty if you miss any spot on the glass. There we train on is first and foremost to bring up the technology to the best. Then you must also consider the speed and not to drag too much.

The goal at the World Cup in England is to beat the current speed record in window cleaning and get in the Guinness Book of Records. Marianne Pettersson will compete to beat the current holder of the record. I think I have a good chance to beat her, actually. The time she has now is 16:38 and my personal best is 7.15. But it will probably be a little fight there.

Can anyone beat Tel boy?

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