Tuesday, 24 March 2015

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A Bromsgrove window cleaner who set fire to his newly built garden shed after a row with his partner has been given a suspended jail sentence.
Bromsgrove window cleaner who set fire to shed after row given suspended jail sentence: A Bromsgrove window cleaner who set fire to his newly built garden shed after a row with his partner has been given a suspended jail sentence. Jamie Snellus poured petrol on the floor of the shed - described as his "pride and joy" that he had spent weeks building - then set it alight, Worcester Crown Court was told. Firefighters managed to put out the blaze before it could spread, Cathlyn Orchard prosecuting, told the court.
Snellus had argued with partner Tracy Burford while on a night out drinking with friends on August 16 last year, and took separate taxis back to their home in Grafton Close after an argument. By his own admission, Snellus was drunk, Miss Orchard said. He kicked the front door and when he got into the house, he smashed doors and windows as well as cups and plates. "He head butted a window and smashed a TV," Miss Orchard said. The rampage was estimated to have caused £2,500 worth of damage to the doors and windows.
His partner then asked him how he would like it if she set fire to the large eight metre by four metre garden shed he had spent some weeks building. Snellus stormed out, smashing a window on the way, then set fire to it himself, Miss Orchard said. "Flames were rising above the roof and when firefighters arrived, he was aggressive to them," Miss Orchard said. "If the fire had not been extinguished, it could have spread to a nearby fence and possibly to a nearby house." The occupants, a family with three children, were away at the time, she said.
Snellus, now of Beech Road, Bromsgrove, pleaded guilty to arson, being reckless as to whether life would be endangered, and to a charge of criminal damage. Abigail Nixon, defending, said Snellus was of good character and handed in a number of references to the court. She said it was an argument that got out of hand and when his partner said she was going to burn down his "pride and joy," his response was to say "if anyone sets fire to the shed, it will be me." "He simply did not think of the consequences," she said. "No-one was hurt and no-one was likely to be hurt."
She said the relationship was now over. Snellus now had a new partner and had started a business as a window cleaner. Judge Michael Cullum said Snellus had reacted in an extreme way and had started a serious fire that could have got him sent straight to jail. But the fire, he said, had been some distance away from spreading and the circumstances had persuaded him a jail term should be suspended. He gave Snellus a 21 month sentence suspended for 18 months with supervision with two months to run concurrently for the criminal damage. He was also ordered to pay £1,000 towards costs.

Enter the dragon!
Is this window cleaner actually a ninja in disguise? This video shows that there’s nothing quite like putting a bit of flair into your job, as a window cleaner adopts an impressive ninja-like style for the task at hand. In the clip, a window cleaner at an unknown airport in America is cleaning the panes in a departure lounge, but has got his own personal style down to a tee as he swirls the brushes in a style that Bruce Lee would have approved Instead of adopting a laborious, thought-out approach, he instead opts to wave his arms around and has soon cleaned the whole pane, before moving onto the next window. While this man only has window wipers in his hand, we’re totally confident that he could be extremely deadly if he was handed a samurai sword and asked to carry out the same technique. Don’t complain if this guy doesn’t do a good job.

Daughter Born to Widow of Terror Victim Netanel Arami HYD.
Daughter Born to Widow of Terror Victim Netanel Arami HYD: MAZEL TOV: Mrs. Moriah Arami, wife of skyscraper window washer Netanel Arami HY”D, 27, gave birth to a health girl in Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon. Needless to say, the event was bittersweet as her young husband was murdered by Arab terrorists when they cut his rope, leading to him falling to his death. Police initially ruled the death accidental but the perseverance of the family compelled police to conduct a proper investigation, which lead to uncovering the evidence.
Mrs. Arami arrived on erev Shabbos parshas Vayikrah. The baby has since been named Efrat. Mrs. Arami reports the baby weighed in at 2.1kg (4.6 lbs.), born prematurely. Mom and the baby are still hospitalized. After a Honenu attorney represented the family, a court compelled a new reality and police investigated and learned that Netanel’s fall from an 11th story window was not an accident, but an act of terror.

Window washer Wallace Martinetti and his dog Tony, who accompanied him on his rounds, appeared on the cover of “Prime Lifestyles” in 2005. The two were a regular sight on Easton streets doing their job.
Sidewalk favorite makes his last rounds (EASTON) — A longtime character on downtown Easton sidewalks has passed away. Tony, a German shepherd who accompanied window washer Wallace Martinetti on his rounds, died in February. Tony would wait, and watch calmly — “He’s not really a helper,” Martinetti described him. “He’s a watchdog. He watches me work” — but he was always happy to greet an old friend or make a new one.

Tony was 16½ years old when he died in his sleep. “Everybody knows Tony,” Martinetti said about the dog in a 2005 story in Prime Lifestyles magazine. “He always comes with me.” The merchants on his route were glad to see Tony, and many kept snacks on hand for him, according to Martinetti.
“Everybody feeds him, and he eats everything,” he said in the article.
Tony began accompanying Martinetti at an early age, and was an immediate hit on the first stop at a bank. “The girls in the bank building came running out,” Martinetti said. “They had to hold him.”
Tony was buried on Martinetti’s farm in Cambridge. “I’m just brokenhearted over losing him,” Martinetti said. “You know, 16½ years is a good time. It’s hard to overcome.”

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