Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Dubai embraces WFP

Innovative cleaning system unveiled at over 165 service stations across Dubai. Demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection, ENOC (Emirates National Oil Company) recently signed a two-year deal with Clearwater, an innovative cleaning solutions provider, to offer ENOC/EPPCO service stations with a new innovative cleaning system. The company uses chemical-free products and techniques that render the cleaning process completely safe and eco-friendly. Clearwater's cleaning formula is 100 percent chemical-free and essentially consists of processed water, which is an effective cleaner for all surfaces from glass to stainless steel. Commenting on the partnership, Saeed Abdullah Khoory, Group Chief Executive said, "As an environmentally-responsible organisation, ENOC is committed to spearheading initiatives that will help protect the planet and promote sustainable living. Through this partnership, we endeavour to safeguard natural resources and help maintain balance in the eco-system." "We are delighted to be offering this service to ENOC and I am sure that this initiative will lead the way for more organisations to explore an eco-friendly cleaning methodology. Our cleaning formula also contains an invisible shield that helps windows stay cleaner longer than standard window washing. The pure laboratory graded water used is safe enough to drink and therefore poses minimal risk around children or people with sensitivities," said Peter Manzi, Manager, Clearwater. One of the techniques introduced by Clearwater is called 'Reach and Wash', where specially treated water is pumped through lightweight telescopic poles with soft bristles reaching heights up to 60 feet, eliminating the need for ladders and cradles, and making the process safe, fast and highly cost-effective. The new cleaning system will be available at over 195 ENOC/EPPCO service stations in Dubai.

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