Monday, 22 August 2016

IWCA: Online Safety Training

IWCA has a program that could be beneficial for those looking for hands-on safety training. This is a great refresher course or good for onboarding new employees. The IWCA provides various online safety training modules just for this.

The tutorial includes PowerPoint slides along with video. The material is the actual regional safety training seminar which is taught by IWCA Safety Director, Stefan Bright. Instructional videos are broken up into modules that are an hour long The IWCA suggests that videos are "designed so your office safety director, business owner or training manager can reinforce specific training issues after the program and can discuss key points with employees." Each module is $125 (for members) or $175 (for nonmembers) for the first six months.

Module 1: Plan Ahead For Safety
Addresses proper planning such as equipment use, identifying hazards, site assessments and fall protection.

Module 2: Using Rope Access for Descending a Building
Addresses how to select the right equipment, how the equipment works, how to inspect the equipment and job site prior to use, the importance of a written plan, identifying anchorage points, helping a building to understand its part in the shared responsibility of workplace safety and basic and advanced rigging techniques. 

Learn more at their website, here.

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