Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Waspak - Ergonomic Water Fed Pole Aid

The Waspack - an "Elephant trunk harness" for wfp.
Welcome to Waspak: The Waspak (patent pending on the waspak method) is an ergonomic tool for window cleaning and facade cleaners, working with waterfed telescopic poles. Meet Waspak and discover the benefits!

The Waspak is specially designed for window cleaning and facade cleaners (who work with telescope poles). Waspak is a kind of backpack with a strong tube to which you can hang a telescopic pole. Because the telescopic handle holds the pole, the work load on the body decreases significantly. On the basis of an ergonomic study * is has shown that the work load is reduced by more than 50%. Therefore you may work with the Waspak for longer periods. Working with a Waspak is not only healthier, it is also more efficient! Also available here with prices.

Benefits of Waspak:

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Over 50% reduction in physical work load.
  • Ergonomic and approved work equipment.
  • Longer working time with the telescopic pole.
  • Waspak is also suitable for working with a telescope pressure washer.
  • It comes with Wasbril, Waspak, teleline, special pulley & an additional bracket.

Wasbril: Special prism glasses for window cleaning and facade cleaners. Prism glasses are made so you don't have to strain your neck. Advantages of Wasbril:

Lightweight (45 grams).
Narrow frame, so you can still see your surroundings.
Glass case provided with micro cloth.
The Wasbril comes only in combination with the Waspak.

These are not new ideas. See Belay Glasses here from a previous blog & below for a review of the Elephant harness from garden equipment users.

The introduction of the Elephant's Trunk (2008), a remarkable invention from Belgium that reduces the weight of any trimmer to just 1kg. 
Elephant's Trunk harness review: You will either love or hate the Elephant's Trunk. It is designed to eliminate strain on the back, shoulder, neck and arm by, effectively, reducing the weight of any hedgetrimmer unit to just 1kg.

The product consists of an adjustable well-padded, wide-strapped harness that is worn by the operator like a backpack. The hedgetrimmer is simply clipped onto the bungee-type wire fed from a spool above the operator's head to take the weight of the machine and transfer it to the hips.

Our first tester found that the overhang got caught in tall hedges. So he tried standing differently to compensate for the height and held the trimmer further from the body, but still didn't like it.

The second found it "weird at first" but after five minutes declared: "The more you use it, the more comfortable it becomes. It certainly takes the weight of the trimmer and I think it is particularly useful for cutting higher material."

The third tester found it easy to use from the start. "It takes all the weight. All you have to do is cut up and down, up and down. It's easy. And it means you don't have to grip the machine so hard - that must help reduce vibrations. It looks daft, but it's good."

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