Monday 14 December 2015

The Stingray Indoor Cleaning System

Introducing UNGER Stingray,  a revolutionary, ready-to-run solution to your indoor window cleaning needs.
The Unger Stingray Indoor Cleaning System: Recent research indicates that when cleaning indoor surfaces, such as windows, mirrors and elevators, cleaning professionals face 2 key challenges – efficiency and safety, especially when working at height. Current tools and methods require time consuming re-arranging of furniture and electrical equipment for safe access or to reach high or unusually positioned windows. Result - wasted time and increased risks and costs associated with the use of ladders and access equipment. Moreover, the need for intensive staff training creates additional problems.

Introducing UNGER Stingray,  a revolutionary, ready-to-run solution to your indoor window cleaning needs, also perfect for a multitude of other surfaces too. Cleaning windows up to 25% faster and using up to 39% less chemical than conventional sprayer and cloth method, the Stingray is the most efficient indoor cleaning system ever!

Ready-to-use, easily replaceable pouches for Stingray Indoor Cleaning System, pre-filled with highquality 3M Scotchgard™ professional glass cleaner. Effectively removes dirt, grease and fingerprints. Fast drying, leaves no streaks or marks. One pouch cleans up to 150 sq.m, given low to medium surface pollution.

An efficient indoor cleaning tool. Inspired by the power and glide of its namesake, the UNGER Stingray utilized several patent pending features to overcome the challenges associated with indoor window cleaning and delivers outstanding cleaning results. Perfect for cleaning indoor glass & windows, glass partitions, showcases, mirrors, glass refrigerator doors, elevators, washable doors & tables and much more! Speeds up indoor glass cleaning by up to 25%. Ensures 39 % less liquid consumption. The length of the Stingray Indoor Cleaning Kit-Handheld is 0.51 m (1.7 ft). Thanks to modular design, greater heights of up to 4 m (13 ft) can be reached by adding Short or Long Stingray Easy-Click Poles.

Replacement microfiber pad for Stingray Indoor Cleaning System eliminates dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt. Triangle shape for perfect reach into corners. Lint free, easy glide microfiber. Pad design incorporates protective cut-out area for precise liquid application directly to surfaces. Enclosed spray nozzle prevents liquid overspray and inhalation. 1 in./25 mm deep microfiber edge for simultaneous cleaning of windows and frames. Elastic straps in each corner secure the pad in place. Material composition: 70% polyester, 30% polyamide. Machine washable up to 200 times.

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