Friday, 25 October 2013

Jesse Green The Cartoon Guy

Jesse says it how it is.
Jesse Green of Sparkle King in Cape Cod, Massachusetts has been on the blog before & featured elsewhere here on the blog. His window cleaning cartoons have been popping up all over facebook & the one above in particular caught my eye. It seems like Jesse is your deep thinker & ponderer on life, shown from many other cartoons that are not window cleaning related, he also takes some of his manifestations from dreams.. there's six months of work there for any psycho-analyst! Jesse will be contributing on a regular basis, so sit back & have a laugh.

Jesses Cartoon speech bubble hat.
When?  "I just started drawing cartoons and publishing them on my website and facebook about a month ago. I have never published cartoons anywhere before that. My "art career" started in the public school system where I doodled to escape the boredom of the government mandated school / prison system."

Why? "I was a persistent doodler all my life and drew just for the fun of it. I went to graphic design school later on as an adult but hated the way many of the teaches openly criticized students work... some of the teachers were pretty much like chef Gordon Ramsey on Kitchen Nightmares."

The How? "I don't think I stood out as an exceptional artist in the 1st year of art school that I attended as far as technical ability, but I did notice that I could just sit down with a blank piece of paper and draw for hours without looking at anything. There were artists who could look at something at draw it perfectly but couldn't come up with any ideas of their own. I guess I am blessed with diarrhea of the imagination, having no shortage of ideas yet."

This Weeks Cartoon? "This story of the window cleaning clown haunting the streets of Nottingham, England was just too good too pass up. As soon as I read about this creepy window cleaner, I had to make a comic strip. In terms of sheer creepiness of various clowns I've developed the following ranking: creepy clown trying balloon animals gets a 3/10 in creepiness which is enough to elicit a mild nightmare. Next up a clown selling ice cream, ranks significantly higher at 6/10 on the creep-o-meter simply for the fact that he's got sugary sweets that the young ones can't get enough of AND a vehicle for stashing bodies. But creepy window washing clown takes the cake because he's not just milling around in public, he's at YOUR house staring inside YOUR windows. Creepy window cleaning clown gets a 9/10 in my book. The only thing scary is a creepy clown proctologist (not pictured)."

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