Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bayersan - Water Fed Poles From Turkey

Bayersan Ltd. specializes in manufacturing window cleaning equipment and accessories for the sanitary supply industry. Squeegees and Telescopic Poles are their primary business, not just a sideline. The company offers floor and window squeegees ( swivel and stainless steel squeegees ), scrapers, blades, telescopic (extension) poles & handles, floor pads, mop & mop holders, T-holders (plastic and aluminium) and sleeves.

Bayersan deliver three types of water fed poles: 100% carbon fiber, hybrid 50/50 Carbon & glass fiber mix & finally stand alone glass fiber. Maximum present heights are 48 feet for the "Premium" carbon fiber with aluminium lock clamps & a minimum of 12 feet for the cheaper "Impressor" poles with plastic lock clamps.

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