Thursday, 23 April 2009

New Squeegee :The Slayer Channel finally Appears

The new Window Cleaning Resource "Slayer" Squeegee Channel is fresh hot off the production line & ready for sale! The channel is already looking like it will take the market share of the huge squeegee market out there. At the moment it's a first come, first served basis. The next round of production will introduce about 8 additional channel sizes.

Presently available in sizes: 18" / 24" / 30" / 36"
Comes with: 18" LFI Rubber 24" Soren Rubber 30" Soren Rubber 36" Soren Rubber and fitting the Super System Super Channel Handle & the Contour Pro+ Super Channel handle.

And if you're wondering why this post is a day late for production .... I had to get my order in before they all went!

This is what they've been saying;

Can't wait for the reviews I'm looking forward to trying a new squeegee...

I'm dying here, give me a Slayer now!

From my understanding the Slayer is a new squeegee from WCR that will slowly but surely take over the world...

So is it coming out today????? im anxious....

The color is cool!

So now one of the best squeegee channels ever made can be gotten at WCR..

Click on the pictures to enlarge:

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