Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Driving Down Prices – The first online marketplace for house cleaning services. Is the new trend of getting everything for less & cheaper taking over the world? It says, and I quote:
"BidMyCleaning is first to bring you one-stop shopping for the best prices on house cleaning services with instant bids and the convenience of immediate online scheduling."
"The first and only website to offer you competitive bids from cleaning service providers who have been rated by BidMyCleaning and by other customers like you. We are your trusted connection to reliable, quality cleaning service providers. Whether you need just maid service or a top-to-bottom cleaning including carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning and window cleaning we have it all for you! And your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed". "When you're looking for the best rates on cleaning services and you don't want to waste time going from one provider site to the next submitting queries or sending e-mails requesting estimates, offers you a choice from a range of instant bids from cleaning companies that meet our strict standards and those of our customers - customer's just like you who want quality cleaning services at a good price. Our double rating system is as good as receiving a personal referral, perhaps even better! is the only online marketplace for cleaning services where consumers can receive instant competitive bids tailored to their specific needs for maid service, carpet cleaning and window cleaning. After selecting a bid the consumer can then schedule their service online immediately. All payments are handled in a secure online environment. For cleaning providers, provides free online management tools creating the only market opportunity that gives businesses control over their schedule, clients and performance.

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Anonymous said...

What does bidMyCleaning get out of it? This might work in cities but will never work in the smaller areas as there will not be enough suppliers for people to choose from.

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